Saturday, May 31, 2014

Amsterdam 2014 Part 3

On Fridays, the folks at Alkmaar have a show/display/something where they demonstrate how the cheese was carried and weighed for sale. A sucker for the tourist traps, I made my way to this city. I didn't catch anything that the lady was saying about the demonstration seeing as I don't speak a word of dutch. It was nice to watch though.

Right after I went to the cheese museum, which is the building right behind where the weighing took place.

Then I walked around the town. I visited a church and got some lunch. It is a nice quiet city with artisan crafts and (of course) cheese. I sampled loads and confused my taste buds so much that I can't say which ones I liked and which ones I wouldn't like to try again.

The next day I went to Delft. I intended to go to the ceramics place, but I walked along a river (the one in the pictures) for about an hour without seeing signs that I was getting any closer. I turned around and headed back to the main square where I came across a Van Der Burgh Chocolaad handmade chocolate and bought bars and nougat for my mom and Kedar's mom. It is absolutely divine. I recommend the druppels. The square is shown below.

I also checked out the Nieuwe Delft church and went up the church towers - a whopping 376 stairs that my thighs were not happy about. The view was nice though.

The pictures below are of the walkway and the riverside when I tried to go to the ceramics place.

I also visited the Botannical Gardens at Delft University. There was a robotics show in the science lab and gadgets to play with but most the activities were finished for the day by the time I went. They were targeted for teens and children anyhow.

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