Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Amsterdam 2014 Part 4

On April 13th, I hopped on another bus en route to the Zaanse Schans. This place was recommended by the lady at the hotel's front desk. It is by the water where it is very breezy - ideal for a town that used to house many windmills for industries. Nowadays, only a few of the mills still stand. The place is very beautifully landscaped and has lots of small stores explaining the area's history and culture.

This is inside the cheese place and a sign not far off that says, "Please don't feed the animals. Too much bread and we are dead!"

I visited windmills - one for paint and dye pigments that I went all the way up into (OMG it vibrates so much, the planks have spaces and I'm not a ladder person. Old folks up there were laughing at my fear of heights. I was laughing at my fear of heights and had to talk myself into going back down the ladder. I also went in one that makes peanut oil. The picture on the left is the view from up on the mill. The one on the right shows a non-zoomed image of two friendly ducks.

I walked around the area, which has these nice bridges that arch over the canals. People live in the village, so some of the bridges were blocked off.

I visited a chocolate maker (where I bought tool-shaped chocolate for Kedar and some squares for myself), a clog maker (there was a demonstration on how they are made), a cooperage (maker of barrels), a heritage museum and I honestly don't remember what else.

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