Saturday, May 31, 2014

Amsterdam 2014 Part 1

I crossed off Amsterdam from my bucket list this past April. I left sunny Trinidad on Sunday 6th April and after stops in St. Lucia and London, I was settled in my room at the Amsterdam Wiechmann Hotel on the 7th. This is located along the Prinsengracht (Princess Canal), not too far from the Anne Frank House.

My room was the Very Small Single room, and the name is not an exaggeration. The entire room, including the bathroom, was less than 10'x10'. I was impressed with the optimisation of space, despite its freakish smallness.

I spent the first day walking around the area and looking for sustenance because I never sleep well on airplanes. The area is quite nice, with loads of bridges crossing the canal and bikes EVERYWHERE. I made it to the Anne Frank House but there was a line snaking right around. I never read the book, so I didn't see any reason to queue.

The next day was cold and rainy. I went to the Museumplein and the coldness prompted me to check out the Rijks Museum just to get inside and out of the wind. I also went in a sports store to escape pouring ice water. I didn't take pictures in the musuem apart from a huge atrium area because I never did anything with all the museum photos I have from past trips. There are these gorgeous trees outside and there is a garden out back with tulips. It was the first day I saw lots of tulips so I was excited. =)

I went to the Vondelpark after, but it started to rain coldness so I didn't really see much of it.

On the third day, I went to the Dam Square.

I also walked to the Bloemenmarkt. These are all floating flower stalls. LOADS of tulip bulbs, hyacinths and other pretty plants and flowers on sale. I would have purchased some but the growing instructions mentioned 8*C and well, the only way I could pull that off in Trinidad is to grow it in the fridge. I loved looking though. There was a Christmas store along the way, like, fake snow, carols playing, decorations everywhere, complete with a sign asking for no pictures to be taken inside. I bought stroopwafels and tried samples in a cheese store. I also thought it was both stereotypical and hilarious to see the Cannabis Starter Kits.

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