Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dates and Peanuts

This weekend I was supposed to dabble in fondant. Then I figured that I should put whatever I made on cupcakes and I already have the rainbow cake in the refrigerator. I will make the cupcakes and decorate them when the cake is done.

This weekend I checked the pantry and found a container of Medjool dates that I bought a while back. I took out my Naparima Girls' Cookbook (which I just saw is like US$20 here but US$70 on Amazon) and made some date squares. I like how it looks like it's trying to stand on one end in the photo.

I also have an allthecooks app on my phone (that's where I found the cheesecake recipe) and made some peanut fudge. I re-melted some leftover chocolate glaze from the Opera cakes and added a few more chocolate chips as a topping. Just because.

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