Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake

When I came home on Monday afternoon, I saw that my mom's cousin came over to visit. We haven't seen her in years on account of her living pretty far from us and there weren't many family gatherings for that extended family recently. She came with a bag of stuff to spend the week at our place. My sister was on Tobago on vacation, so we had the space - still do on account of my bunk bed (from younger days) and a blow up mattress.

Yesterday it was Labour Day here so I was home twiddling my thumbs and decided to start on the fondant for this weekend. I'm not entirely sure what I made, but it has all the ingredients and I kneaded it until it formed a solid bit of 'dough'. I put it in the freezer so I can colour and shape it this weekend. After I put that away, I was idle. Anyhow, my aunt mentioned that she liked cheesecake, so I decided why not? I had all the ingredients to make one aside from the eggs and my dad went to get them when he came home.

It's so yummy.

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