Thursday, February 16, 2012


I need to get a smartphone. It's not enough that the students go, "Miss, what is THAT?" when they see my phone - the coloured version of the me2 which is like the most reliable and resilient phone ever, but there are times when having a camera phone or one with internet would be quite useful. Purely for twitter, of course.
For instance, yesterday morning I was in traffic behind a maxi taxi that had this sign on the back glass:

"Vehicles come with a spear, life does not. Drive carefully."

I certainly hope that they have a spare in case of a flat cause the spear would make it worse.

There was also a sign this morning that boasted of a fĂȘte


According to Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.,

n. 1. An explosive compound; a preparation of gun cotton.

I mean, I'm all for spelling variations and all, but tourists are in the country, and that flashing sign was by the road. It's embarassing.

There was also a sign during the recent Christmas season by a little jewellery kiosk that boasted of a:


Oh dear people, spell check and proofread.

The best one happened last week. I was sitting on the bus next to a school boy in his uniform of white shirt and black pants. About 1/3 into our journey, while I was trying to find a comfortable position to sleep, he pulled out a thick yellow volume. I wondered to myself, "Is that a dictionary?" It was very huge, see.
The boy opens this book and my curiously led me to read the title of the book that was printed on EVERY page. What was it called?


I applaud the research, but um. *cough*

I'm thinking of maybe an Android phone or an iPhone. The main reason I haven't gotten one yet besides OBVIOUSLY having a good working phone already is that I am a cheapskate, despite the fact that I spend a lot on clothes and crap on Amazon.
Aside from not wanting to spend thousands (currency difference = TT$6.4 to US$1) on a phone, the maintainence cost will kill me. My current phone uses a prepaid system and I pay TT$100 (approx US$16) every two months or so. I'm not a telephone jumbie, see. The iPhone cost is like TT$375 a month. The Android data (sans texts and calls) is TT$200. I can't see why twitter and a single digit megapixel camera is that expensive.
I shall cave soon, seeing as my phone has started giving charging problems - this could be due to the fact that it has fallen 543661598540869 times along with its age.

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:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I was late to the mobile/cell phone club. I didn't want to be annoyed by phone calls or texts all day every day. Then my Mum bought me one for my 21st birthday and I was hooked. But, I've only had three phones since then (8 years) and the only reason I've changed phones is because the old ones died on me. My latest phone is an iPhone and it is crazy addictive. Apps like Instagram keep me entertained for hours. I think I'ma fully converted phone junkie :-/

x Jasmine

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