Wednesday, December 21, 2011

About a month and a half ago, I broke my Kindle. Unintentionally of course. You see, it's durability is advertised and I have unintentionally tested it when I fall asleep reading and it falls off the bed onto the rug. The back case has come a bit loose many times and I just pop it back in place. The speaker's magnet attracts the paper clips in my purse. I sound so irresponsible, omg.
Anyway, I was changing the sheets on a Thursday and the Kindle landed screen-first onto the tiled floor. I paid no attention to it, figuring it was OK. I didn't have to read anything on it for a while so it remained next to my bed for two days. On Sunday, I figured I should pack it away, I noticed that the screen was broken. The top half showed normally, but there was a line distinguishing the bottom half which showed nothing at all. Reseting it did not help. Freaking out did not help.
I called's Kindle support on Monday and the nice man on the phone arranged to send me a new one. That one arrived in the Skybox on Wednesday, I Fedexed the broken one on Friday and then the following Friday or so, I had a new Kindle in my hands.

Why did I bother sharing any of this?

A prelude to my lack of love for Christmas decorations.

I have never been a fan of Christmas decor. There is no snow where I live, mistletoe and holly don't grow and getting a real tree will probably encourage creatures to move in the house. As a result, most of the decor consists on what I like to refer as plastic bush. I mean, I'm all for the tree with the lights and the baubles and whatnot, but why the garland? Stockings for no fireplace? Really?
Anyway, my sister and mom decided to put these things on the ends of the curtain rods since I annoyed them about the garland. It doesn't look half-bad. When my dad asked me to move the curtains a short while ago, one of those not half-bad decorations fell on my Kindle and cracked the screen. Now, I'm sneering at them. I only have love for the tree.

As for the Kindle, it still works, but there are two shatter points on it that are probably going to bother me until the day I cave and get a Kindle Fire.

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