Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh gosh. So here I am, waiting to go home from the lab again. It's been ages since I've been like this. What did I miss out on?

Well, before I left to take up my teaching post, there was some tension between 2 of the 3 labs I work in. This tension has now exploded into silence and strange looks. I am so frigging glad that I was not here for the explosion OMG. That's what happens when too many egos work in close proximity. I'm so glad I escaped the shitstorm.

The lab got some new equipment - I visited a few times so I know that there is a new benchtop refrigerated centrifuge, and I was here to try out the new developer (since most of my work depends on that machine). I understand that the -80 freezer is stable now. I still won't fish my things out of the liquid nitrogen storage tank to test that theory. I lost many glycerol stocks last year. Things do appear to be shaping up or at least they aren't falling apart. That can never be a bad thing, all things considered.

I got my plan of work done for the day and so far, so good. Molecular biology is annoying like that. I can never know if the past three years (well two and a few sessions) have amounted to anything until I get this last grueling bit done. The most aggravating of it is that everything is INVISIBLE.

I can complain about this place for hours but I'll be honest, I missed it so much. There are no rude children, scolding bosses or coworkers with potty mouths.

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