Friday, January 14, 2011


Sitting on one's tail bone with one's foot propped up on the edge of the desk with the laptop on the lap (where else is it to to be?) does not lend itself to comfort for long. I have been this way for well over an hour and a half and when I try to move, the tail bone cries. I shall get going eventually, but now is not the time.

We have these mosquito zappers which are battery-run electric tennis rackets that electrocute the bugs on contact. If you go in the store room to my house and wave it around, it sounds like New Year's. This is a nightly occurrence, more often if you like having your ankles eaten. I did that this afternoon.

I got this today:

I got a Kindle for Christmas. I heard of a site that allows fic to be converted to PDF. I loaded some stories. I carried the Kindle to work, but I couldn't show my co-workers the title list, since it included The Naked Guy Upstairs, and well, I'm supposed to be the prude of the group. After all, I try to block out the Iron overdose talk of those exhausted ladies whose husbands are on vacation.

I finally got time to work on my pictures from Tobago. Of course, by that time I couldn't remember the names of all the beaches. I have to now remember to ask Kedar to tell me. I keep forgetting to do that too. I just loaded up the pictures. The names will be put in eventually.

The pictures:

Right, so that's the latest update from me.

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