Monday, October 4, 2010

Time to de-stress

I started teaching Chemistry to high school students last month and OMG they will be the death of me. I really do think that some people should not unleash their children on society until they have some semblance of training. Manners will be nice. I'm not asking for much, just some common courtesy - I'm talking, so don't get up, turn around and start a conversation with the fellow behind you... or throw things across the class because you feel the burning desire to be an ass.
Apart from that, I like what I am doing - I like to plan the lessons, dispense the knowledge and try to explain concepts to the children. I just don't like when they don't co-operate and be students instead of hooligans. It's a pity I am not old enough to be anyone's mother. They probably make their older siblings' lives hell on earth.
Did I mention that this is a boy school?

In order to keep my sanity (cause who knows, I might need it someday), I started burying myself in reading novels again. I recently finished Gentlemen of the Road by Michael Chabon.

It tells the story of two wanderers in the Middle East. They are an oddball combination of friends - one is a large African who lost his family and has an axe with an inscription that roughly translates to Defiler of Your Mother. The other is a skinny Frank who no one knows much about except that he is a physician and gets philosophical when high. They have almost nothing in common and bicker like old ladies. They meet a young man, a prince, and they try to carry him to his grandfather to get a reward for his return after his own town was pillaged. Things don't quite turn out how anyone expects. It is a short story, perfect for light reading.
It was also the perfect thing to get me through September with all my hair.

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