Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ugh. I haven't been online in ages and I feel like I'm missing out on everything. I've been online since I was a pre-teen so this is a huge deal for me. My parents are rennovating our house so we're settled in a temporary place while they take it apart and build it back. In our temporary place there are no movie stations (I didn't realise how dependant I was on HBO until I tried to get their shows online and Megavideo started screwing around), poor ventilation (the air flows from the back of the house to the front instead of the other way so we cook in the humidity) and as I mentioned, no internet.
This normally would not disconcert me, had I not been doing research on something no one in this freaking university knows about and therefore need to constantly look up stuff, or had I not been starting a job as a school teacher and need to look up subject content and interactive features for the students, or had I not put myself on a list to make websites for certain members of staff at the university. Yeah. I'm currently on campus on a day that I do not have to be here, just so I could check Wordpress, hosting and domains, manual film processing, and high school chemistry. Ugh.

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