Monday, January 18, 2010

URGHHH - a result of games night and fire head

On Saturday, the biotech lab group had a games lime by Verena's house. It was dutch - Kedar and I brought cookies, ice cream, ice cream cones, chips, soft drink and hot dogs. We also brought the Wii but hardly anyone played it since Monopoly was the first game and that can go on forever. It took hours.
I lost first, having landed on Nigel's Park Place with a hotel. Kedar followed soon after and we entertained ourselves (and Verena's son's gf) with the Wii, playing the simple Wii Play games after I got tired of losing at both Sega and Wii Sport tennis. It was decidedly not my night for games.
We got called for Pictionary after Charades was a mess and Cranium looked like a headache waiting to happen. Pictionary was a riot. I love this game because people wind up doodling all kinds of crap just to get the words across but no one figures it out. It was boys vs. girls and the ladies kept rolling 6's on the dice while the guys got consistently low numbers so while we did not always figure out the clues, we still won. We so rock.
Then there was Taboo, and some of us got a little button happy with the buzzer. It was a fun game, full of laughs, and Kedar and I ended up leaving at 9:45p.m., which is the latest we have ever left somewhere in like, years. We're geriatric like that.
Last night I went by my cousin's fiancee's family for dinner. The people were nice, even though we were total strangers (these people have lived in my neighbourhood longer than me btw). The food was tasty but really spicy, and my entire head felt like it was on fire but I was too polite to scream.
I got home about 20 minutes ago from shuttling around, looking for plants for my experiments. I got 2 more. We also went looking to get me some new jeans since I dropped a jeans size since last year but no dice. I am tired. Urgh.

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Sounds like a wonderful time. Sorry I'm so late on this. LOL. I have an award on my blog for ya :) Have a great Sunday :)

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