Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Mayhem: What is it and what do you do with it?

Well, at first it looks like a ruptured microscope slide of plant cells but it could just be the bubbles on the surface of a fizzy drink.
If they are bubbles, you just drink it.

He looks like an alien version of Doc Oc from Spiderman. He has 2 antennae, 4 arms, 4 secondary legs and 2 primary legs.
You run if you see him. It's better for us to find them than they find us.

Honestly, it looks like egg yolks.
They are cooked and eaten.

The top of a pumpkin or some other kind of fruit. I could be wrong.
If it is a pumpkin, you carve out the inside for pie and cut a face in the shell for lanterns.

Part of a US$1 bill?
You combine it with a few cents and get dollar menu items.

I see a smiley face! It is the outside of a post office, library, or some other government building.
You look at it and go inside.

Looks like dog turd.
You move the dog from the neighbour's yard so they won't see it was your dog that dunnit.

Floating lady spinner.
You watch her go round and round and round.

Why be normal?

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Anonymous said...

Great answers my friend. A Dog turd...LOL. That's what I thought it was :) I saw the smiley face as well :) Have a wonderful week :)

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