Friday, January 1, 2010

Old Year's 2009

You'd think I'd learn my lesson after a while.
I haven't been working out regularly like a good little girl and then I'd try to fit it all in one day. Like two Fridays ago, when Krystal and I didn't run for about a month and then we ran and swam a bunch of laps in one afternoon. My legs and back protested the next morning and I promised myself to do it more often so it hurts less.
Well, I woke up this morning to the back pains after hiking and swimming laps yesterday. The hike wasn't even bad - my fitness level is just in the negatives. Meh.
We went to the kyacking centre yesterday morning and it was closed. This is a place that is open 24/7, so I figure the 20 foot waves from Maracas and the rough waters in the beaches all over the island the day before resulted in its temporary closure. That knowledge did not give us something to do. Instead, about 7 of us ended up throwing stones into the water at Chaguaramas. It started as a simple skipping stones game, which progressed into hitting a stump left from an old pier, into getting a stone to stay on the stump, into hitting that sitting stone off, into hitting each other's stones mid air. I am well aware of how this all sounds. I can also twist the stones and rocks comments around but I fear it may not be appropriate for all reading.
We did not bathe there, I am inclined to believe that water in the Gulf harbours not only boats, but a myriad of infectious diseases. I call it cholera water, or sewage water. Thanks to the yachties, of course.
We then went to Macquerite beach (I may not have spelled it wrong) where we just looked at the water but did not bathe because there was a pipe leading to the beach and we didn't know where the water came from. Personally, I thought it was most def a step-up from the cholera water we were going to kyack in that all the stones we were playing with were bathed in. It also looked clean to me. The pipe was probably to keep the water from collecting higher up on the hill, being a man made structure and all.
After chilling at Kedar's family's place (these are the people I went with, jsyk), we hiked up to Maracas waterfalls. Recall the first time we went there (see image in the banner), it was majestic - beautiful with lots of water spraying us and a rainbow or two. This time, eh. Not enough rain to make it lovely enough (see image in post - I'm in the middle of the bottom row in dark blue).
After that, we went back to the house where I swam some laps in the pool. I refused to go home with my bathing suit dry, after putting it on at 7:30a.m. My insistence is what resulted in my current state of aching and exhaustion.
Later in the night, we played with sparklers and drew 2010. I'm not usually privy to these moments and the one time I was, the pictures came out blurred. I'm the 0 in 10.
I did not take any pictures from the day - there were enough shutterbugs around and I was simply not in the mood. I got the two in this post from Kedar - click on them for a larger view. There are no more than these 2 (unless I beg, borrow or steal) - sorry to disappoint.

EDIT: As I get more pictures, I will post them up. Click on any one you see here to go to the album.

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Anonymous said...

It's always amazed me how fast you can get out of shape. And when you are doing something you think aww...this is easy and then the aches and pains. What a great story my friend. I really enjoyed it. :) Hau’oli Makahiki Hou to you and your family. I hope 2010 is great for you :)

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