Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saying Nothing By Saying A Lot

I woke up wrapped in a cucoon of my pillows and blankets. It was definitely going to rain - there was no other reason for the weather being as cold and dreary as it was. I silently praised the Gods for a wet day. After all, this is the wet season. I then silently cursed the Gods since I had to get my ass out of bed to start the day and it was far too comfortable to allow movement of any kind. I stayed put until the clock chimed 5:45a.m.
When I opened the door to the laboratory, a gust of cold air hit me, and I dreaded working there for the entire day. Inside was colder than outside and for once, I was sad that I did not have to go in the sweaty greenhouse.
Gels were made, loaded, run, sliced and run off. More reactions were set up. I can't complain, because such is the nature of my work. It keeps going until I get something worthy to squeal, jump and dance about. I started back French classes, and I love it so there lies my academic excitement for this semester.
The weather postponed my moment of weekly exercise which means next week at the beach is going to hurt in those waves. Lunch was late and dinner was early but the company was exceptional. I had my two favourite people with me and we ate, laughed, talked, laughed, drove and laughed. I even got a cute little early birthday present.
My friends were are so wonderful at making a cheerful ending to an otherwise dreary day.

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