Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crazy Weather

The trees are confused. For the last two years, flowers have been blooming out of their regular patterns like the poui, which is supposed to flower in April during the April showers, that is dropping its leaves and donning the beautiful pink and yellow flowers in February because of the now existing February showers and then again in April. The immortelle was also flowering earlier than expected. While I love the flowers (they really are pretty), wtf.
This year we barely had a dry season. Last year the wet season was unbearable. The hot days were horrid, with humidity high in the night, making sleep utterly uncomfortable with the fans blowing hot air. The wet days caused flooding. God knows what lives in Port-of-Spain's flood waters - a range of infectious diseases with deadly parasites. I like to call it Cholera water. Nail biters do not touch Cholera water. It's not a great insult on Port-of-Spain's cleanliness - Manhattan's street water is equally ghastly.
Now we go between really dry days and really wet. Today is a wet day. Yesterday was a dry day. Unfortunately, when the rain stops, the humidity will increase with the cloud cover and moisture all around. The wet season is supposed to come around next month. The weatherman mentioned that Guyana didn't have much dry this season either. I just hope this wet season does not cause my neighbourhood to flood. It flooded once, back in like 2001. I live not too far from a river, and my yard was completely filled with water spilled over from the river. The water brought with it a sense of grossness and animals, namely Cayman alligators. It was so cool to have the Cayman next to the house. I can't handle cleaning up after the water subsides again so I would really appreciate it if mother nature doesn't screw with us again. The trees are already confused.

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Lover of Life said...

I hope you don't have another flood. I am also very sorry for the violent conditions in your country that you mentioned in your comment on my blog. We desperately need positive energy for our world, don't you think? Hang in there, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

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