Saturday, April 11, 2009

La Laja Waterfalls

Yesterday I dragged Kedar and Krystal to a Good Friday hike. My uncle goes on one every year and I've been tagging along for the past 3 years - maybe more, I don't know. We went to La Laja waterfalls, which is up on the Blanchisseuse side. On that area, I've been to Salybia (pretty trail, nice falls and pool) and Balandra (OK trail and forgettable falls). I've also been to the Guanapo Gorge (nice but difficult trail). I've been on other hikes but I never asked which side of the country these things have been because I am an idiot and I am painfully directionally challenged so it would not have made a difference to me either way.
The trail was really nice - I've seen most of the flora on previous hikes so I didn't take many pictures like I usually do. The trail was relatively flat, with only a few inclines and declines at the beginning and at the end. There were many fallen trees and a few low lying trees that we had to crawl over and under. The canopy was thick, offering us a cool journey. At one point there was the need for rope, and I don't even want to describe my experience there. I can climb pretty good but going down, I'm a scaredy cat. I wouldn't be surprised if I annoyed the back marker with my incompetency and slow pace.
The falls were nice, the water freezing with lots of tadpoles swimming around our feet in the shallows. I took pictures by the falls and when I do some Photoshop magic on them, I shall post them up.

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