Saturday, April 4, 2009


Have you ever heard of Podiobooks? I put up a widget a while ago and it looks weird against my black background so I took it down. I heard about them from the Discerning Ficster blog. Basically Podiobooks are audiobooks that are posted as podcasts. I checked out a book called The Love Book written and read by Ken Wohlrob and it's really cool so far. I'm still on the first part of the book with the overweight pro-wrestler because I have to find time to actually listen to it just like I have to find time to actually read a novel. I have to re-sync my iPod so when I do that I can have some more chances to listen to it. I told some people in school about and the general consensus is that Podiobooks are a neat idea. The selection is very wide ranged throughout the genres. The thing about them is that not all of the books are the most popular books, save for the Podiobooks downloads and reviews. They are probably not at your local bookstore, nor are they on countless "Top" lists. That does not mean that they should not be given a chance. I like stories with a lot of humour and there is no short list for that on Podiobooks.
I update my reading list as I pick up new stories online, as they end, and as I manage to find a hard copy book to read. I've recently started (as it turns out I can read when I'm going to bed or waiting for a gel to dry and that's all the time I have to kick back and take in some fiction) Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl. I bought it a few months ago but I just didn't get a chance to read it. It bodes well with me so far so I'll review when I manage to finish it.

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Hey, this seems very interesting. I went on the site and listen to just part of a book. It's kool. Never heard about it before. Nice for when u want to fall asleep with a story.

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