Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Ca-na-val!

It's Carnival Monday here and I would like to say that it was a hot, dry one, but I can't. When I looked at the weather report, it seems that the rain is coming at us from the east and the west so this might be a very wet carnival season. It has not stopped the parties, clearly, since there is one going on in the village next to me. I live in a small village and the one next door has a park where the fetes occur. Right now I'm actually hearing the full versions of most of the chutney-soca songs, the likes of which I did not pay any attention to before. They are quite funny. There's one about rum and roti that is actually kind of catchy and the one that won the chutney-soca monarch title is one about a woman called Radica who left the guy and he's moaning over the loss. Chutney-soca and calypso are so funny, with their simple lyrics laced with innuendo. I'm not too much of a soca fan simply because jumping and wining aren't something that I am capable of without tripping and looking like a complete ass. Plus the songs give me a headache. There is such a thing as a too simple song with too much repetitions.
This morning my cousin payed us a visit. Yesterday he went to the Mocha fete, an all inclusive everything-and-anything-you-want-you-get-since-you-paid-out-of-your-ass-to-go-to-this fete and he was describing it and now I want to go. Last year my sister went and she couldn't stop talking about how nice it was. I'm not really into the whole fete, carnival, drinking and dancing scene, but I can out-eat anyone I know and I am greedy (and curious) enough to go to that party because of it. I could change my mind though, since I am notorious for doing that. One year my friend convinced me to play mas with her and I wanted to, but I had my reservations about the exposure issue. The bigger bands are all bikini mas and I'd rather not parade in the city streets in a glittered, sequined and feathered bikini. I changed my mind before I could reserve a costume and then be obligated to play because it cost so damn much.
One of my other cousins (I have far too many) played J'Ouvert this morning and the dogs were barking the muddy man when he showed up this morning haha. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some of the mud from the sulphur springs and mud volcano that some of the people use because that makes the skin divine. I heard of a chocolate J'Ouvert band - now that is something very difficult to say no to.

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ramona said...

hey ur funny, i like this bolg (thing) it's kool..we will go to that fete next year...hope u don't change ur mind..

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