Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I get up too early

I get up too early. Any normal grad student sleeps until they feel the need to make it to school... especially when there are no classes. Not me, oh no siree. I get up at freaking 5:30 and make it to campus before anything opens. It's the only time I can get a ride since I live at home, like 30% of the campus population. Even the coffee shop is still closed. Campus is empty and eerie and scary as hell. Well, except for the sports section of the school, where they have the courts and the gym. I should probably join the gym - I could definitely use the exercise and I have the time, but I am too lazy to lift my ass off the chair I am currently wasting internet time and charging my laptop for the 87497647866247309 time this week.
Maybe tomorrow I'll make it to the Works department to get the key for the lab. I've never done that before, since last semester I used to get up and reach at a reasonable time and the place was already opened. These days, even if I want to get up later, I can't. I go to bed close to midnight just so I don't wake up at 2a.m., perfectly alert and awake and annoyed that I got up so early. This morning I got up before 4a.m. for no actual reason except my mind and body are messed up. I am also not a daytime sleeper, unless of course I have the flu. Like last week.
People are starting to arrive all around me - it's time for them to start work. I have no lab work scheduled for today but I still have lots of things to do. Graduate work is such a pain sometimes. All I wanted was to hole myself up in the lab 24/7 like the nerd I am. But no, I have to read stacks and stacks of research, which I have found to work just as well as sleeping pills, if not better. I need to put a cot in the study room and lie with some research. And get up at a more reasonable time for someone with no classes and no pressing lab work.

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