Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Apparently this is a Facebook thing and I got it from LiveJournal. I stayed home today since I had nothing spectacular planned that I couldn't do home (I still have to sent that stupid email though I've been online for almost an hour doing crap). So here are 25 totally random things about me.

1. When I was younger, I wanted to be a dancer. I didn't realise back then how incredibly uncoordinated I was and how much tripping on one's own feet is frowned upon on the dance floor.

2. I laugh when I'm nervous and I have horrible stage fright. Basically that means that when I'm in front of people I start to giggle like an idiot and no words come out except 'Sorry' cause I'm a fool and I'm aware that I'm embarassing myself to unnatural levels.

3. I'm a movie junkie. My sister and I once sat and watched 13 movies on PayPerView in one weekend. A Boxing Day was spent watching 11 by my cousin. I belong to a family of movie junkies.

4. I once played Sodoku for four hours straight on my electronic (yes, electronic) player.

5. My dog is my baby. And her name is Baby too hah. I want a Westie cause terriers are just to adorable to not have.

6. I'm a total fangirl and my boyfriend thinks that it's weird. I told him that I was much much worse and he should be glad that he wasn't around when I was 12 and a teeny with posters all over my walls. Go team Edward!

7. I'm not a social person. I'm not shy, just mean. I was once told that I need to filter my thoughts and words because I can be mean. I prefer the avoidance route because it requires less effort.

8. I have a list of all the countries I want to visit but I'm afraid that I won't have enough vacations from work to get to them all.

9. I cannot eat peanuts. I'm not allergic or anything, but I get insanely hyperactive whenever I eat peanut butter that I had to cut myself off because I was scaring my friend in high school. I used to eat a peanut candy for recess and it kicked in just before lunch. I would laugh and laugh and laugh and she freaked out and made me swear to not have it again.

10. I kept telling myself that I need to and I will join the gym on campus but I have yet to make it there. It's been 3 years.

11. I'm finally growing my nails. I tried to go it a few times but I always ended up biting them off. I tried putting nailpolish to stop the biting cause it tastes weird and I think they have formaldehyde in some of them but I just ended up eating the nailpolish and preserving my insides.

12. When I'm sick, I take half the recommended dose of cold medicine cause I get high like a kite on the real thing. Unfortunately, the half dose works like shit and I still end up sick and miserable.

13. I have a yellow thumb but I like to garden. My grandfather used to have the lot of us help plant corn and cucumbers and I used to like it. I even liked to turn the soil. Now I can't get a damn plant to stay alive or not look diseased and dying.

14. It bugs me that I have to beg people who call themselves my friends to visit the website that I've put hellova lot of work into whenever I post new pictures up and they still don't go to see it.

15. I'm a terrible cook. I think it's ironic that recipes turn out like crap but I can follow a lab procedure and get stuff that looks accepable but my culinary skills are shot to hell. I've developed the pick and throw method and it's fine by me - only I would dare eat my mush.

16. I hate the talk shows in the mornings. I was stuck home for almost a year and there was nothing else to do in the morning except watch tv. I liked Ellen, but she's not in the morning anymore so I could care less what the rest of them are about.

17. The first time I kissed a boy we were posing for a class picture and I just grabbed him and planted one on his cheek right before the flash went off. I was like 5 or 6, and I'm sure he doesn't remember.

18. I like to walk. I walk really fast and kind of funny. I modelled in high school and the teacher told me that I walked like a boy. Not very flattering.

19. I like to read the word of the day, but I never actually use it.

20. I don't like to be barefoot. I wear slippers in the house and change into another pair to go outside. I don't like dirty feet.

21. I have zero tolerance for pepper. I don't think I've ever even tasted pepper sauce - it just burns.

22. I'm an avid reader of fanfic and I only know one other girl, not from the internet, who's into it. She's not a crazy fangirl but she's a brilliant writer.

23. I like indie music which I got into because the hanfic sites used to mention a lot of them. Now I can make my own recommendations.

24. I cut my own hair. I have nothing against hairdressers or anything, I just don't make the time to go by them. I can only do one hairstyle though, and if it turns out bad, I have no one to blame but myself.

25. Chocolate makes me reach my happy place and makes the big bad world go away.

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