Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paper and ribbons and tissue galore!

I went to the mall after school today. I knew that I had at least 2 hours on my own in there before I could get a ride home so I was just walking up a down, back and forth because I have absolutely no life. I managed to finally buy Adele's CD, 19, and I got a pair of crazy striped socks. I'm such a fan of crazy coloured socks that match absolutely nothing.
So anyway, it dawned on me that I should get some gift paper and ribbons because whenever we have to wrap presents, my mom and sister turn to me, expecting me to have the good stuff. We all forget to get paper when we buy presents so it's good to have. I got some more Snoopy paper, and I also picked up some Hoops and Yo yo because they are awesome. I also bought 6 or 7 sets of kite paper and 8 sets of ribbons. I also had the impulse to get some bristol board but then I remembered that I don't have much space to store it. I really should have thought this through since I don't know where the gift paper is going either.

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