Saturday, August 10, 2013

More cookies!

I couldn't stop at pinwheels and checkerboard cookies, especially since they came out so wonky the first time. I made another batch for the sole purpose of sending some for my friend, Krystal, but it was all eaten and shared out before I made it to her house. The children really like these things.

So I made another batch, this time foregoing the pinwheels because I they still turned out a but strange and I made the peppermint and chocolate swirls, with bullseye strawberry and vanilla. I used strawberry Jell-O to get the colour and taste for that batch. To get about 30 or more cookies per flavour (depending on the size they are cut), I made the full recipe from Taste of Home but I divided the batter into 6 portions and flavoured them to suit. I used a total of 4 oz. chocolate instead of 2 to get a richer taste, about 7 of those mints crushed to a powder that amounts to about 6 tsps to get a minty flavour, and almost the whole 3 oz. packet of Jell-O just so it would taste differently. It ended up tasting like candy.

The checkerboard log was the easiest to assemble, as long as the sections were cooled enough after shaping. The swirl required the mint to be wider than the chocolate on one side. I just put the chocolate on top and rolled it, which was pretty easy. The bullseye one was tricky since I had to keep picking up the log from one colour and place it on the other because the circles had to be sealed neatly and I had no clue how much that would require for each one. I'd say they turned out okay.

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