Saturday, April 13, 2013

La Vega

On Monday, Kedar and I went to the La Vega Estate. We drove into the recreation park and explored some of it before it was time to leave (5 p.m.) and then drove home. I have some pictures from the park and the sunset on the way home.

The first place we visited was Lake George.

Here is Kedar taking a picture of a tree at that lake.

Then we went to Lousade Pond. This pond is completely covered with plants, making it look like a savannah. The workers used the fishing lines to move the pond weeds along to control its growth in the other ponds.

Along the pond there was a hut that was frequented by peacocks. They were quite camera shy.

After that, it was getting late so we headed out and made a quick detour to the Tortuga R.C. Church (it was closed) and caught these views on the way out.

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