Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bamboo Cathedral

So I really need to get in shape. This is the most unfit I have been in my entire life. 2012 was a terrible day for exercise, since I never made the time to go running, and that was the only thing I was consistent with. So yeah, it's terrible how much my clothes stop fitting like they used to.

In order to turn things around, I started taking public transportation to work again. This actually helped a lot since I have to walk to and from the taxi stand and the bus terminal, and when I take the bus home, I walk to my house from the stop. It's not much, but it made my pants a little bit looser, and I can't begrudge myself that.

On the exercise front, Kedar (who is always in shape cause he makes the effort to exercise when my lazy ass won't) has me doing little things to get things in order. We go kyacking once a week after work, and we also started walking. Now, I like to run and walk, uphill even, but there must be things for me to see. This is why we chose Chaguaramas - there are some nice trails uphill that people use to bike and walk in the evenings so we aren't alone. One of the trails that we've visited twice so far was the Bamboo Cathedral. I am still not fit enough to reach the lighthouse or whatever is up there, but at least I got further the second time. I figure next week I can make it to the top.

This is a pretty trail, mainly because of the abundance of bamboo that grows on either side of the trail. As the shoot got taller and they started to lean, they created the illusion of a cathedral ceiling. It's quite nice. I've attached pictures from the hike below. These were from March 11th, 2013.

This was the best my crappy phone camera could get of the cathedral.

The view from the lookout area.

Wildflowers along the way

An immortelle tree is full bloom paints the path orange.

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