Monday, December 31, 2012

Wild Fowl Trust

Another set of pictures from my adventures at the end of this year. These were taken on a trip to the Wild Fowl Trust in November. Kedar is a member of the trust, so we got in without an appointment or a guide. The offices were closed so I couldn't join.

We went with Anne, a postgrad student at the University, and her daughter. They had never been to the Trust before so it was nice to look around and take pictures of everything. I forgot my camera that day, so these pictures were taken with my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Fit. The camera isn't the greatest, but I managed to get a few decent shots.

These guys greeted us as we entered. They were quite friendly. There were more, but those pictures came out quite blurry.

Next we saw loads of ducks lined up near the waterfront.

Some were hanging out in the trees.

This gives an idea of what part of the waterfront looked like. All my other pictures of the water came out like rubbish.

The scarlet ibises were quite shy... or just sleepy. These were in a huge cage.

There are a number of trails in the Trust, one of which had wooden bridges and these Prides of Barbados on the side.

This little guy was perched on one of the wooden railings along a trail.

Loads of lily pads. There were birds (which I cannot identify since I don't really know any names), frogs large fishes in the ponds.

These birds seemed accustomed to people since they hardly budged when we were passing.

The trail also featured this guy. He did not move or blink the entire time we were staring at him. Master predator, that. I thought he was probably dead, but his eyes seemed alive enough.

I had to go under and between a few trees to get a shot of it, but I love lotuses.

It was a pretty decent day as I recall. I would like to visit the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Blanchisseuse again, and this time, bring my camera.

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