Monday, December 31, 2012


I just went through my phone and saw that I have lots of pictures that I have not yet uploaded. The first set comes from the last time we went for sushi at Kaizan. If the time stamp on the photo is anything to go by, this was on the December 3rd.

Kedar's brother was with us that day and it was the first time I had the yellowtail nigiri. There was a bit too much um... rawness for my taste, as evidenced by my utterly embarrassing spit-in-napkin bit that I did. I figured it was better than hurling it out when we left the place. The taste wasn't bad, but the texture... Let's just say that I can be adventurous, but my gag reflex has its limits.

I love their shrimp and unagi nigiri though, so I think I'll stick with those.

Here are pictures of our food. I love the presentation. So pretty. the nigiri is the first from the left, then the smokey sal, crispy conch and the spicy tuna rolls.

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