Saturday, October 1, 2011

Upsets and Annoyances

I am a huge fan of novelty tees, and I love love love the shirts available on so naturally, I made an order at the end of August for a few new ones. So much excitement. I get giddy for new clothes, books and music, and not much else. I took a risk to send the t shirts to my home instead of the Skybox, seeing as the Skybox people take FOREVER to sort through their stock before notifying us that there is something to collect.

Annoyance #1
Anyhow, 4 weeks passed, and the tracking number on the USPS website still said something about the package being in Atlanta. No word is it went to Florida or even Puerto Rico as they sometimes do before coming here. I emailed Snorgtees who basically told me that they can't do anything and if it doesn't come in 1-2 weeks to let them know.

Annoyance #2
I received a letter from the post office on Friday (yesterday) that I have a package to collect at the mall branch. I have a certain time frame in which to collect it or it will be sent back. This letter was back dated the 22nd September. I live close the airport, and by extension, close to the main post office. 5-10 minutes drive tops. I don't understand why I constantly have to go to other, further off branches to get stuff, or WHY it would possibly take a week to send a letter from there to here.

Annoyance #3
So I embarrassed myself and literally RAN through town to get to the bus station for 2p.m., only to wait for the bus to reach at 2:15p.m. That doesn't irk me as much as the fact that when I finally make it to the post office, there was a long line below a sign that said, "PAY BILLS ONLY", which I interpreted as being the bill-paying line. I asked where I would have to go to collect something. At that branch. From the back room. The lady told me that they are dealing with bill paying. I told her that I was not paying anything but I just came to collect a package. She asked me if I heard her correctly and that they aren't doing anything but bill paying.
Now, maybe I am misguided, but I thought a post office was supposed to deal with people's POST. It is not a bank or a payment centre, but it has accommodated some transactions to alleviate the lines in those places. Plus I hardly doubt they provide that service to the phone and utility companies for free. Even the US visas are paid for there. I understand that area of service, but I am also of the opinion that if a POST OFFICE does not deal with POST on certain days that they should:
1) Tell the public which days they are doing so and
2) Scratch out POST from their name.
It's annoying enough that they deliver other people's mail to my house, and mine elsewhere (to the point where I have to pay the bank to keep my statements in case other folk get them), but WHAT THE HELL. I told the woman, 'That doesn't make any damn sense,' and walked out.

Annoyance #4
I have to get a new phone. My phone had no reception for most of the Disney trip, I miss calls because it won't ring, and I sometimes get texts late. PoS I know.
I am unwilling to pay $375 (approx US$60) a month for an iPhone just so I can call, text and tweet. I am not a phone junkie. I currently have a prepaid phone which I put $100 on every two months or so. I'm not that popular. I have two friends who I would want to talk to. Krystal is in school, so classes and studying take up most of her day, and Kedar works. His house is a dead zone.
Anyhow, I go to the cellphone place, and decide to check out the android phones. I asked the lady which were android phones and she showed me the shelves. I saw two of them of like, $500 difference. I asked the lady what the difference was. She said the features. I waited with bated breath to hear what they were but it turns out, she was done.
I asked her what features. She told me that I would have to see the phones. I said okay, and waited for her to show me. She walked away to the guy by the computer who then showed me the specs. I may be mistaken again, but I thought they were going to demonstrate with the phones, not show me what I could have done at home. I JUST WANT TO TALK, TEXT AND TWEET! Is that so complicated? It also turned out that one of the phones was not a droid, but a Windows phone. Ah sheesh.
Krystal called, I told them thanks, and I was out of there.

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