Saturday, June 4, 2011

Turn it off!

I am not a feminist. But I am a realist. And I have zero tolerance for ignorance and prejudice.

Yesterday morning, the taxi driver had the radio on a station with two make DJs. Unfortunately, DJs is a subjective term there because there was only talking in the 15 mins I was in that taxi.

Anyway, one man starts on the prostate exam. He says that he knows that it is a necessary evil for men over 40. He knows that it is the most effective and easily accessible way to detect prostate cancer. But he is apprehensive due to the 'nature of the exam'. He proceeds to say that women should sympathize with men when it comes to the prostate exam. And issues with impotence because a man's life is 'oh so frigging hard' (I'm paraphrasing here).

I didn't realise a 2 minute or less exam could be so traumatic. Maybe he should ask the ladies who don't want to get another mammogram if it is because it is embarrassing or painful or 2 mins. Or if the pap smear was a gratifying experience.

He also mentioned that many young men these days are sleeping around with Tom - then he stopped himself and corrected that it was Tina/Mary/Sue/some other common female name - since the other DJ was giving him 'the eye' when he mentioned a man with a man... Um...


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