Saturday, July 31, 2010

JULY 21ST, 2010, Part 2

There were two opening acts for the concert. One was an OurStage winner, and the other was Rooney. I had heard of Rooney before, but I didn't know they were brilliant. Their performance was fantastic. It is rare to find a band that has a good record out and puts out a great live performance. I was completely blown away, and bought their latest album, Eureka, after the show. It was autographed by each member of the band, and I got photographs with them.

Hanson came on the stage on 'Hanson time'. That is, an hour late. We saw a man holding a shy and tired little girl who I figured was Penny and walked her across the stage. This distraction was not enough though. After an hour, I was annoyed and I knew that if I had not come all that way just to see them, I'd have left the venue. The girls behind us (us being myself and a girl I met in the line outside) kept making lewd and crass remarks about what the guys were doing while we waited. They also made comments about people who were taking pictures.

"If I was not afraid that they were classless enough to spit on me, I'd tell them off."
"Why do some people bother to leave their houses? Keep the attitude home."

Those were some of my comments before Hanson came on.

At 10p.m., Hanson took to the stage. They kind of ran to their instruments and started playing the fast paced "Waiting For This" which we were indeed waiting for. They were amazing. They played a mix of old and new songs. Taylor made us jump and clap and they all made us scream when they smiled. Yes, I am a screamer.

The setlist was:

01. Waiting For This
02. And I Waited
03. If Only
04. Make It Out Alive
05. Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
06. Kiss Me When You Come Home
07. Watch Over Me
08. Use Me Up
09. A Song To Sing

10. Carry You There
11. Great Divide
12. Thinking of You
13. This Time Around
14. MMMBop
15. Give A Little
16. Where's the Love
17. Voice in the Chorus

They thanked us and bowed before us and left the stage. Now, Hanson always has an encore. I had retired to the bar at the back of the club for some Gatorade and a stool. Then they came back onto the stage and played two other well-loved songs:

18. Been There Before
19. Something Going Round

Their live renditions of If Only, Thinking of You, Where's the Love?, A Song To Sing and Waiting For This were my favourite. I will say that the concert was worth the 13 year wait and the next time the guys are somewhere that I can go, I'm so there.

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