Saturday, July 31, 2010

JULY 21ST, 2010, Part 1

I can go to New York quite easily. My relatives in the state are quite accommodating and the airfare is cheap. I have been to the city twice in 3 years to sight-see and shop. There were still some things I still wanted to do in the city, namely go to a concert, and see a show on Broadway. When the dates for Hanson's Shout It Out Tour were released, I checked for one in NY. There was one... in Buffalo.
It took me all of a week to deliberate. Then I booked my flights, bus ride to Buffalo and the hotel closest to the concert venue, Club Infinity. I also bought Broadway tickets and got directions to the Niagara Falls and the Buffalo Zoo, as well as information on the King Tut Exhibit in Manhattan. I got directions for various dress stores to get a dress for my friend's upcoming nuptials.
I arrived in Buffalo the afternoon before the concert. My hotel room was comfortable and clean, and only 50 bucks a night. I went in search for the venue that afternoon. Google Maps sent me the wrong way, but kind folks in the area sent me straight to the club. I just wanted to see where it was so I could organise my time the next day. There were fangirls (2010's version of teenies that aren't
necessarily teenagers) camped out in front of the club since the day
before. And I thought I was bad.

The next day, I went to the Buffalo Zoo, simply because the bus rides to Niagara would bring me back too close the the opening time for the concert. I like that zoo. It isn't as large as the Bronx Zoo that I saw two years ago, but the animals are not behind glass barriers, which gives the feeling of freedom and closeness. I walked through the whole zoo taking pictures, and I did not leave until I saw the buffaloes (in Buffalo).

I got back to the hotel, rested a bit, waited an hour in TGI Fridays for my food which I did not have time to eat, and then headed to the club.

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