Monday, February 1, 2010

Greetings from an uncomfortable perch...

My internet at home is down. It has been wonky for the last few weekends and last Thursday it went kaput. It's incredibly annoying, especially since I have been addicted to the internet for the last 12 years. So now I'm in campus after French class, trying to check my email. I have to do this here and now since the campus IT services unit here has a lot of backed up crap to sort through before we get wireless internet in the study room. I did my essential set of research this morning on the virus infested lab computers. Le sigh.
Another thing that is pissing me off? My voice is going again. It's run away after being with me for the Christmas break. If I did not have my voice during the break, I would have completely forgotten what it sounded like, since I have been nursing a sore throat and hoarse voice since AUGUST. I am not smart enough to make it to a doctor yet though. I hate needles. I fear probing. I just did not get/ make the time yet.
On a better note, Kedar and I went hiking yesterday. It was an 8/10 trek to the Cumaca Caves. They are in East Jesus Nowhere in the northern range. Good hike, cool caves. I will post more about this when I get my pictures sorted, spruced up and uploaded some time this week.
Well yeah. /rant.

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Anonymous said...

Awww poor thing that your internet went kaput. Nothing worse. And I so hope your sore throat gets better. If you been dealing with a sore throat since August I would get to a doctor :)

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