Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Queen's Meme #22 ~ Come On Baby, Light My Fire!

1. Which historical figure do you admire the most? Why?
Honestly, I have no idea. Galileo? If I was put under house arrest and blind, I certainly would not have been doing any physics and being a genius.

2. Name the band or artist you'd like to see live in concert before you leave the planet or tell us about a concert or album that has already rocked your world.

HANSON. I don't care what anyone says about them. They have been at the top of my MUST SEE list for 13 years. Followed by Muse, Eisley and James Morrison.

3. What's your favorite television show or series of all time?
Why should I care?

You should care because it is awesome.

4. Movies! I am so behind on the movie scene. What should I watch this weekend? Should I watch it alone or with someone?

Watch alone or with girlfriends. Watch it now, I dare you.

5. You are hopping on a plane tomorrow morning. Where did you choose to go and why?

Australia. It's far away, warm, lots of wildlife, and they speak english.

6. Who is your favorite author? What about their writing inspires you or simply entertains you? Recommend at least one book that you feel I must read.

Ayn Rand is my favourite right now. When I read a book that tops any of hers, we'll negotiate. Read Atlas Shrugged and tell me you agree.

7. Hobbies and passions. What brings you joy in your spare time? How did you get into it?

Origami. I've always loved playing with paper and I used to make some simple crafts and Christmas baubles. One day I decided to try something new with paper and I started getting books and paper.

Web design and graphics. I am made of fail when it comes to coding and graphics on blogger, but I can make the entire thing to my liking from scratch at http://littlelimerence.co.nr/ No one visited it, like EVER, so I don't bother with it much anymore but at one point, I called it Tangled up in Blue and I had the layout with a collage of my favourite things. I would try to incorporate that layout on this blog because I used iframes and I don't know how to work with frames in blogger since it doesn't run on the normal hosting server. If any of you know, I'd appreciate any tips.

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Nancy said...

Hi Allie, I'm sorry I'm just getting here after you left a nice comment and award on my blog! I was out of town enjoying the California sunshine! Thank you so much for thinking of me. And I think the one band I would love to see would be The Eagles one more time. I think I would love to visit Italy right now. I don't know why, maybe because I love the history. Can't say that I like Ayn Rand all that much, however. We have different views when it comes to life.

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