Wednesday, October 28, 2009

STEUPS At My Camera

My camera is crap. The malfunctioning of my camera is grounds for calling it out. For some reason, it keeps telling me that my batteries need changing, even after I put a fresh pair straight-from-the-pack in. It allows me to take a few pictures (3), before it just blank screens and tells me to change the batteries. I realised quickly, that opening the battery hatch and closing it back, gets me to take at least 2 pictures until it blank screens and refuses until I try another pair. I have switched brands, used rechargeables... I'm just fed up, and with our Gasparee (Yay!) hike coming up, I need this piece of shit up to mark.
Therefore, I have (on loan) Kedar's old camera from our high school days, which is still worlds more advanced than my current camera, which I bought after undergrad graduation. I got so used to my little Canon with 10 features and 5 buttons that this 30 feature Sony with 10 buttons is giving me some beans. It doesn't help that I have no patience and I am about as tech savvy as a lima bean.
I did manage to get some okay shots of... the study room, my laptop, dust in the study room, a close up (thanks to the 12x zoom which puts my old 4x to shame, shame, shame) of the caution/ safety/ instructions-for-use sign on the air conditioner, and various other odds and ends from home. I have yet to take it outside and see how well (bad) I can get things in natural lighting.
When I get something semi-decent, I'll proudly post.

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