Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snob's Athlete Rec

I am a huge fan of music blogs. Indie blogs are even better ever since and merged and the result is a site where the music is limited and price-tagged.
I found many talented musicians on those two sites, like Ani DiFranco, Greg Levin, Renaissance Street, Shout Out Louds and Soular. Anyhow, since the two sites are bleh to me now, I surfed the interwebs until stumbling upon Snob's Music.
I liked the name, Snob's Music, as it reminds me of something off of High Fidelity (that movie with John Cusack and the top fives based on the Nick Hornby book). I loved that movie. Snob's is updated everyday with many updates per day. It gives news about new releases, previews of said music, recommendations, etc. It is a great source for indie music and I have been relying on it for the past few months (since the stupid merger).
Most of the artists on the site are interesting, but Athlete, an English indie rock band, in particular, caught my eye. Check 'em out.

Athlete on MUZU

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