Sunday, October 4, 2009

Picture Time!

After months of being holed up in the lab and only writing when I had memes to fill (or not, since I neglected them last week on account of my schedule), I finally have documented evidence of my experience (sorta) at the Marianne Waterfalls in August and my most recent stint at Mayaro Beach.

First up, the falls:
There are approximately 5 pictures up on this link. When we went on this hike, it rained while we were walking and let up whenever we reached a point in which the rain would have been okay. Mother Nature was so very cruel, therefore the pictures are quite limited. I love taking pictures of water and waterscapes. The waterfall itself is not very large (it's not as big as Maracas, which I maintain is the prettiest waterfall - when filled- in the country I've been to thus far, with Salybia coming in at second), and the pool at the bottom was deep enough to swim in. I had to Photoshop some guy's head from the thumbnail at left. Click on it to get the rest.

Next up, Mayaro:
What is nice about spending the night at a beach house is the waking up. I hardly got any sleep in that mattress that was so soft, I swear I was in a slouching position the whole night. We had some decent working fans and very little mosquitoes and sandflies (I know, miracles happen) in the house so it wasn't completely uncomfortable.
I wrote previously about some points about Mayaro, and that included the sunrise. I am very proud of a few shots I got there, which are uploaded onto my DeviantArt account, the place where I upload the higher quality versions of my favourite pictures. The link is on this website. See if you can find it (Hint: Shameless Plugs). None of these pictures had to be Photoshopped, much to my delight, since I had so freaking much of them to work on. I think 16 are up on the picture link.
I do not have any pictures from our entertaining (and utterly hilarious) cricket match, simply because I was *gasp* playing, albeit rather poorly. I am not a sports person. I like to look at it but I'm not very fond of getting hit or falling down - I do that enough when I walk. Personally, I would like to think that I might be better at Dodgeball, since that is what I, as a fielder, did on the sand that day.

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