Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mayaro for my Birthday

I slept for 9 hours last night and I am still exhausted after spending Wednesday - Friday at Mayaro Beach. My time in review:

1. Mayaro at sunrise is a beautiful sight. There are reds and oranges everywhere, the tide is low and the sandflies are in hiding. Pictures of it would honestly take your breath away... which is why I was pissed when I got up half an hour too late after the two nights I spent there. Instead I took pictures of what was left of the sunrise, which wasn't much by comparison.
2. Early morning is the best time to swim. We made it out there at 6:15a.m., just after the sun came out, and before the fishermen started pulling their nets back. The sun didn't scorch, which I was grateful for, since I neglected my sunscreen that morning. The water was cool, a welcome change to a warm night.
3. My family made entirely too much food. Personally, I preferred to save the energy and get KFC for lunch or dinner. They cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. I walked on the sand, drank lots of water for my persistent lack of voice, and enjoyed the warm sea water. Eating came in moderation - there no use throwing up all the food they made after playing in the water.
4. The lifeguards meant well, but they spoil the fun. Lifeguards in Mayaro come out to work at 10a.m. On Thursday, by the time we made it to the water, there were other bathers on the beach. For a public holiday, I thought the beach was sparsely populated but I could not complain - less people mean more room to enjoy. The lifeguards in the speed boat told us to move to the right so we did. The current pulled us to the left and we found outselves close to their markers at least twice. As I said, they meant well. They told us to come towards the shore a little, and that was when I grew frustrated. The level at which they kept us within their sights was about 3 feet deep, if not slightly more. We had fun, playing tag and riding waves. It was not too hot or bright out so the tan lines are light and the sunburn is non-existent.
5. Post-thundershowers + 9 people = cricket. After the rain yesterday afternoon, the sea was filled with twigs and sand so far that we could see the line where the brown ended and the blue began. Swimming was out of the question. Instead, we found a wooden plank and my gracious cousins brought a tennis ball and we played cricket on the sand behind the house, overlooking the waves. It was utterly hilarious to watch the uncoordinated fumble with the bat and ball (myself included). I haven't laughed so much for so long in a long time.

Most of my family is spending the day (and possibly the night) there today but I opted out. Sleeping with 9 people was a comfortable fit in the beach house. I shudder to think how 15 or more is going to work.
Pictures will follow soon.

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