Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cyril Bay

On Sunday, Krystal, Kedar and I went hiking with the hiking club to Cyril Bay. This is the bay just before Maracas. The trek down was simply that - a trek down with no plateaus or inclines. It was honestly not that bad, save for the high humidity from the thick canopy, and of course, my fear of tumbling down the edge. I actually slipped and fell on a rock and grazed my hand and arm so that didn't help my reservations and slow pace. Surprisingly, I was not the last one to reach the beach.
Cyril Bay is lovely. It is fairly small - it took us about 10 minutes to walk the length and back, and was very secluded simply because the beach is accessed via hike or boat. The water was blue with alternating sections of green and brown and very calm. There was a sting ray (which I only heard of - did not see, thankfully) one one side of our bathing area, and sea urchins close to the rocks on our other side. We just kept our sneakers on when walking and when they were off, we stayed in the sandy areas.
On either side of the bay there were rocky regions. We climbed on one of the rocks - the view was lovely from that end - the water was blue, calm and devoid of speedboats and fishermen. We found a dried crab on the rocks, which I took. It was only a shell - everything else was dried out. I also took some pretty rocks and shells to add to my collection.
Aside from the sea, Cyril Bay has a natural spring which sprays rocks on the shore and meets the sea. There were baby crayfish in the pools created by the spring between the rocks. The fresh water was cold and the spray beat like heavy raindrops. It helped wash off the salt water after we all took a dip.
The hike back up was a pain - literally. It was a straight trek up, no plateaus or declines. The humidity was still high, if not higher. I'd rather not remember that experience.
When we got back to the maxi, crabbie was in pieces.
The day after, my clothes were washed and my sneakers were hosed down.
Two days later, my cuts are showing signs of healing and my thighs are still crying out for help.
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