Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Woodstock Meme

Forty years ago this week, three days of peace, love and rock 'n roll (and mud) happened near Bethel, New York. It was the Summer of 1969.
Attire: Hippie jeans. Long hair. Legal or illegal smoke. Psychedelic vibe.

The scene: You are at Woodstock. You go alone but meet up with a beautiful man/woman. You spend three days together.
Put yourself inside the peace & love vibe. You can choose to be stoned or straight. I put it in the story for the sake of reality. Just don't inhale in this meme.
This is the conversation you have upon meeting or you can make it into what you overhear others say.
It makes no sense and has no continuity by design.
You must fill in the familiar blanks to finish the story. Some are song lyrics. You may use more than one word to fill in the blanks.

Oh! I forgot to tell you (must be the smoke in here) You have a new name. It must a combination of the first letter of your first name, the third letter of your middle name and the last letter of your last name.
Peace out! Somebody might wanna turn on a fan in here.

1. "Hello, my groovy name is __ AI AI AI blissful nothingness.

By the looks of those flowers in your hair, you must be___ like, loving on nature .
Didn't they tell you? No __politicians__ allowed!

2. Come on, Baby, light my __ bong and we could get crazy together_!

When I lay me down to __smoke__ I pray the__smoke keeps__ my __smoke___ to keep.

If I __fart__ before I wake, I pray the __smell doesn't spoil__ my __bliss___ to take.
**puff puff**

3. Because the first time ever I saw your __fingernail__ I realized that what the world needs now is __lots of___ sweet ___love__. Besides, I always feel guilty watching you __dance__ when I should be __drinking my beer___.
But I dig it!

4. Have I told you lately that I __can't get enough of__ you? Hey! Don't step on that __brown sugar___ !!
Dude. That guy is really weird but.....

5. There's a party in my sleeping bag and half a million of my ___rainbow-eating__ friends are coming over tonight and we're gonna __rub___ my baby off my mind. Darn the luck. It's raining ___love__ (s) and __happiness___ (s)
Luckily, Papa was a rolling __dice___ and I'm on a first name basis with the cops.
**puff puff**

6. I'm really digging your __flowers and butterflies___ but that __mouldy dandelion___ has got to go. Those flowers in your hair are beginning to smell like __old wet feet___.
Have I told you lately that I ___want to keep__ you?
** puff puff**

7. I'm beginning to see ___shadows__ in those trees over there. Do you see it?
Out of all the millions of hippies here, you are the most __evasive___.

But I dig it, man.

**puff puff**

8. I'd use all my blood, sweat and ___smiles__ just to get next to your __sunshine__.

Love is free but I'd really like to buy that guy's __happiness___.
It says "Make __love___ not __deception, man___. " Far out!

9. I'm grateful to be __alive___ 'cause there's a bad __line of smoke___rising in Jefferson's Airplane. But that's okay, 'cause Joe Cocker said I could get by with a little __hemp___ from my friends.

10. Oh, by the way, your __hair___ is on fire. But I dig it.

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Mimi Lenox said...

For some reason "don't step on that brown sugar" totally made me laugh out loud.
Must be all the smoke in the blogosphere today.
Cough. Cough.

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