Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Woe is me... haha

I started a class yesterday, Light Microscopy and Digital Image Processing. I asked my supervisor why I had to take that particular course, and besides the fact that I need 4 credits (there are other courses to choose from), he said that it was preferable I learn a skill that I did/would not normally learn during my molecular biology/ biochemistry course of study. In short, it would look good on my resume. I figured, OK. I can do that.
Boy, was I not prepared to be so utterly confused. I mean, I did Physics like 7 years ago, which seems to be enough time to completely forget having learned anything. Okay, I exaggerate. I remembered the thing the glass block experiment and the refractive index. I remember fiddling with the contrast, light level and the focus on the microscopes in Biology (of course that was all through cxc, A levels and undergrad, but that's not the point). The point is, I remember very little. I'm spending my mornings and evenings trying to make sense of all of these terms and theories. Then I have to get started on my project for the course. Gah.
I will say this though, the course is different from what I have been immersed in for the past year and a half and I welcome the change whole-heartedly.

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