Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a wait and other bad food experiences

Kedar and I went to the KFC drive-thru today. It was like 3p.m., and there were like 6 cars in front of us, which for a drive-thru is busy I guess. We were in that line for a freaking hour and a half! Well, I am not a patient person, so of course, half an hour into the wait in the line that you can't easily drive out of because there are pavements and trees and people sitting on chairs in the divider, I was fuming. I mean seriously, fast food should be fast. The drive-thru should allow cars to actually drive through them. We were like, yay-ing and woohoo-ing when we got to move 4 inches. It was just so frustrating. When we got the food there weren't any condiments but I wasn't going back to ask them for any for fear that I'd have to wait another 3 hours. 1 1/2 hours and dry KFC! That's just not cool man.
This wasn't the worst experience we had with food, though it was a close contender. A few years ago, a new wing of the mall opened with a cinemaplex and a food court. I wanted to try the new frozen yogurt stand - it looked good enough. So we shelled out like $25 on a new chocolate frozen yogurt thing that turned out to be some chocolate powder mixed with other gunk to look like soft serve that tasted like really really REALLY bad mush with a hint of chocolate. It was bitter too. I mean seriously, sugar people, SUGAR! I wasn't surprised to see that the place didn't do so well if they kept selling that puke. The thing is though, both Kedar and I were in high school and hence, poor as heck, so he (of course I wasn't having that crap swallowed) ate every bit of that wannabe yogurt mix just because it cost so much.
There was another time that the other wing of the mall opened (coincidence? I think not) and there was a new bistro-type place. The food and desserts look so inviting so we decided to try this thing, I can't remember what it was called but oh do I remember the taste. It looked like swirled custard/cheesecake/tiramasu type of thing with fruits at the top of it. Oh geed. That one got thrown out.

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