Sunday, August 24, 2014

Planning and Crafts!

I can pretend that I've been busy, but in truth I've just been reading a lot of books. My Goodreads count is on 42 so far for the year. I have 5 books lined up for this week alone (3 are re-reads of series the others are in). My to-be-read list is rowing and in true book nerd fashion, I'm excited.

Kedar and I were also looking around for a suitable wedding venue. I got quotations for places in Curacao, St. Lucia and Grenada, but I think the week stay will cost more than the wedding itself in those places (which makes no sense). We went to Tobago to check out 3 places - 2 were underwhelming and one was going to make the wedding cost over 90k O_o, which is what another place we didn't go to see said it would cost with them. We checked out two places here, one of which cannot comfortably accommodate 120 persons, no matter the quoted capacity. We want people to be able to walk between the seats easily. Kedar liked the other one.

My mom and I went to NYC for a week earlier this month for THE dress. We found it in Lotus Bridal in Brooklyn. The lady was so nice! I tried on like 10, which I know is not recommended, but the one we got has all the little bits that I liked from all the others. And my bloated tummy didn't show through (YAY!). My mom got her dress and I got my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding later this year. My sister chose this shamrock colour for us and Macy's was the only place to offer it off the rack. I also saw my maid-of-honour's dress in the bridal section.

I should also mention that Michael's is my new favourite store. I got these cute mason mugs for Kedar and me. I also saw lots of other really awesome things that I had to remember that my suitcase wasn't large enough to carry them all.

I carried my mom to Cinderella on Broadway the Saturday before we came home. It was really cheesy, but nice. The costume changes were impressive.

When I got home, I had wicked sinus pressure (as if I didn't have enough allergies already) and so we waited a while before I could go out again. We checked out another venue which was also too small and went back to Kedar's choice, which we decided to go with. It's actually quite nice on its own that the only decorations would be on the tables and chairs. They do catering (I have heard nothing but praise about it) and minor decorations as well. It's a hotel, so we would also get a place to get ready (which is major for me since my hair is being done not too far away). I'm so excited!

Work starts on the coming Thursday (bleh) so I've been trying to distract myself from the imminent torture that is the school year. I also start my first course in a master's programme (theory is online and I have to go away to do the practicals) when the term begins. This should be interesting. I've been keeping busy with paper crafts! I'll probably bake something this week as well. That reminds me of a buttermilk triple layer cake I made a while back and my successful macaron trial. I've included those pictures below with some other things I worked on more recently.

This is the triple layer buttermilk cake. Kedar threw on the mini M&Ms.

I got the little feet in my macarons! I just have to put them on a lower tray in the oven and I think they would be perfect.

Krystal asked for soap for her birthday. These are some of the bars I made - one is plain unscented, one has lavender oil, one has cinnamon and honey and the two toned one has cocoa and cinnamon in the top half and unscented below. The really dark one has cocoa, coffee, cinnamon and honey. I may have added too much honey because it isn't getting as hard as I'd like. I'll melt it and add oatmeal to dry it out when I get a chance. I used castor, coconut and EVOO for the oil base and milk with NaOH in the hot process method. It's too humid in my house for anything to get properly dried so Kedar kept them for a while in their tool room next to the dehumidifier.

Tissue paper full bloom roses by's instructions. The first trial is on the left, second on the right.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon making this windowed modular shape by Tomoko Fuse's instructions. I also tried a tessellation from another book.

Last night my dad and I watched a marathon on The Blacklist. We only reached episode 15 so we are going to binge later. I'm not looking forward to the True Blood end tonight. I will miss Eric and Pam. I'll wait until midweek to watch it - I can only put that off for so long until FB, twitter and Tumblr have too many spoilers.

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