Sunday, February 24, 2013

Model Plane and Heli show

This morning my dad carried me to a model airplane and helicopter show. Now, I'll be honest - when he asked me yesterday if I wanted to go to a helicopter show, I thought he meant life-sized helicopters, and I did not hesitate to agree. This was pretty cool though.

So we got there around 10:30 a.m., in a back road in the Caroni plains. It was only when I saw the models flying around, that I realised what I agreed to go to. We watched, in the blistering sun, might I add, some pretty cool models flying around, doing stunts. Some were electric, some gas powered and others were turbine. I loved the helicopters that moved fast and crazy like dragonflies, and the glider on steroids. There were some really cool spitfires among some of the other planes.

It was so bright out I wasn't sure any of my pictures were good cause my camera screen was so dark so I only have two decent ones. I didn't even get the horse (it was running around the open space and ran back when one of the planes got close to it). One of my better shots is of a helicopter flying upside down, and the other is of a spitfire coming in for landing.

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