Saturday, April 21, 2012

Transit troubles

Thursday was quite possibly the worst day I've had in transit ever. FML moment if there ever was one.

So it started off with the rain. the city is notoriously horrid when it rains. I was walking out the gate at work when another teacher stopped to ask if I would take a ride to San Juan so I could get out of the city. I said okay and hopped in.

I got to San Juan and tried to get a maxi taxi to Maloney. These taxis travel on the bus route before turning onto the highway. If I use them, I usually stop off by the mall on the highway and walk in. There were no maxis going that route. I asked another driver who was waiting for his maxi to fill and he told me that any Maloney taxis that pass around 3 in the afternoon are filled from the city. I would have to go back to the city to get one.

I decided to take one of the maxis there instead and resolved to stop at Curepe. Since it is a hub for many taxis for different routes, I figured I would get one of the cars from there that would take me within walking distance from my home.

In the maxi, on the way to Curepe, a lady sat behind me who sang along, off-key, might I add, to EVERY song that played on the stereo LOUDLY. Six or seven songs in, I was going crazy. I couldn't even drown her out with my headphones. At Curepe, I got out and looked for the taxis to head home. There were none. I waited 10 minutes or so and nothing came but more people. I then resolved to take another taxi and try to get to the mall where I can get a bus close to home. It was just my luck that the maxi I took from there had a man who sang even louder to the songs that played in that maxi. OH. MY. GOD. I started laughing. He sang about four songs before his stop and then I came off at mine.

I got a taxi to the mall (no walking from this route) with a driver who didn't understand what the careful pressing of brakes are about. I was flung forward every time he stopped. When I got to the mall, I tried to hurry to see if the bus that goes by my house would come. This was on the other end of the mall and as I walked out to the car park, I caught sight of the bus leaving. I went back inside and called home to see if anyone could come for me from the mall, seeing as the other set of cars that would go to my house would stop working around that time.

I waited about an hour and then my sister came.

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