Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grr @ Admin

It's been a long time since I posted anything on here. I won't lie and say that I've been immensely busy or productive these last few weeks, resulting in my lack of rambling and meme-filling. No, I am a chronic digi-reader and I've gotten a lot of books that I've been chewing through in my absence from the blogosphere. I've read the 9 Southern Vampire Mysteries books, along with loads of other completed works of fiction. I got the Uglies series as well as The Black Dagger Brotherhood to bury my face in for the next few months. There is also Water For Elephants, that I started a while back.
When I'm not burning my retinas on the computer, I've been working on my project, which has been OK thus far, save for my dealings with the administration staff this week. Allow me to elaborate:
I have to get a particular kit to continue my experiments. I got the proforma for the quote, forwarded it to my supervisor who approved it and gave it to the department office so the person in charge of the funds could send it back to me with the relevant information to make the order via credit card so that I don't have to wait till Tom, Dick or Harry to pass the invoice along and prepare a Purchase Order. Keep in mind that every time I've had to order anything, I just send a proforma along - I do nothing else but collect the items. I was told to meet Mr. X in the last office on the right side of the Bursary's corridor. Le sigh.
I went to the administration building where I was stopped by a Ms. Y before entering the right corridor. She asked me what I wanted, and I told her I had to meet Mr. X to make an order. She then proceeded to direct me to a Mr. Z, in the left corridor and told me that he is the one I should see. I said, "Okay," and went to meet this man.
I sat down with Mr. Z and presented my case. He realised that the order was to be made via credit card and told me that it was not his job, but Mr. X's, on the other side. Like I didn't know that before, right? So I go to the other corridor and wait by one of the clerks until Mr. X, who was in a 'meeting' (and by meeting I mean a group of them were standing and chatting around someone's cubicle - the clerk wasn't even sure if to call it a meeting from his tone). Eventually it got ridiculous so the clerk went over to Mr. X and told him that a student was there to meet him. I heard Ms. Y saying that she was the one who sent me to Mr. Z.
So I meet Mr. X and presented my case. Imagine my chagrin when he told me that he didn't handle credit card purchases anymore either and I had to go by Ms. Y!
I went by Ms. Y to present my case, and she shut me down and said she wasn't seeing anyone that day (Tuesday) and that I had to make an appointment - she told me Wednesday at 1p.m. I bit my tongue, took a deep breath and said, "Okay." Then she said that I had to make the appointment with her secretary who was down the other corridor.

The next day (Wednesday), I went for my appointment. I was told that she was not in and to wait outside her office, and she was probably still having lunch upstairs. So I waited 20 minutes. Another woman passed by and I asked her kindly to see whether or not Ms. Y was there or if she left a message or something in her office. She opened the door and there was Ms. Y all that time! She said to give her a few minutes (10) and she would deal with me. Okay.
Then she walked me to another room, close to the entrance. This room had nothing but a computer on a desk and a window. She told me to make the order and she would come back to enter the credit card number. And she left.
So there I was, on the company's website, trying to make an order. Every time I put my country, I got blocked on the website and told to contact a local distributor. I e-mailed the customer representative who sent me the proforma and she said that they do in fact, ship to my country and just go to the U.S. section and order from there. I did and I got the same problem.
I told Ms. Y what happened and she gave me a U.S. address (a skybox) to make the order (since the credit card was american) and ship the items to. I sent the rep. this information and she told me she had to procure another proforma since the addresses changed.
This means that I have to fwd that to my supervisor and START THIS PROCESS AGAIN. Oh joy.

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