Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Le Sneeze, Percy's Bolt & Brasso Seco

I caught a flu bug. Boo. I blame the lady who sneezeth. I ran out of everything in the past 2 months so I made a trip to the mall with my sister on Saturday to re-stock my bathroom supplies. She had to replace her wrist-watch's battery so we went into the watch and clocks store. We made it close to the counter when a lady in the store sneezed the roof off of the mall. It smelled. EW. I made it out of there like my ass was on fire. After my sister got her crap in order, we went to the movies to see the Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief movie.
I finished the book last week and I'm already knee-deep in the second one because Percy's internal monologue is awesome and I love humour. The story was really good so I was all psyched up to see the movie. Imagine my chagrin during the course of the movie when I realised that the screenplay writer decided to re-write the ENTIRE DAMN BOOK and include the main 'events' in the story, but in a totally different context. Uncool man, seriously.
On our way home, I was contemplating the curried layer (chicken) my mom made for lunch that is my weakness, when I got a strange taste in my mouth. No, it was not saliva. It was strong and when I got home, I couldn't brush it out. Gross, right? When I woke up Sunday morning, at 5FREAKING30, I realised what that annoying taste was. I had a sore throat AGAIN.
I had plans on Sunday, of which I had no intention of breaking. Kedar and I went hiking in Brasso Seco with the uni's hiking club. They rated it a 6/10. I don't know exactly where this is (as all the hikes), but it was really freaking far and we passed the Madamas Trail Head (this head, FYI, said that that particular hike is 6.0 hours long. I am not going there, no-siree).
So me and my sick self went on this hike which was not difficult at all, but it was cold. The walk to the river was 10 minutes or less. Easy. We walked along the river bank until we reached the first set of pools. There were 2 ways to continue - climb in the pool or jump in. I climbed, duh. We split into groups. The first group went their merry way and the rest of us were told to hang around and wait. We waited. And waited. I saw a butterfly perch on someone's old slippers. After about an hour and a half, I was kind of pissed off. You see, I figured that they were going to guide the first batch down and then come back for us. As it turns out, there was a large pool at the end that they were bathing in until they realised that rope was needed to fish people back up to leave. It took a while to get them all out and back to us.
So off we went. Since swimming was involved, my photog opportunities died at that first pool. Le sigh. I have got to invest in a waterproof camera. We swam a short way (literally, like 3 steps before we could stand) to the second pool. Getting down required climbing, as there were branches in the water that were not easily seen. From there, there was some more walking until the mother of jump-in pools on the hike. We climbed the rocks on the side and jumped in. We were moving with the current and it wasn't choppy so we kept going until we could walk again. So we reached the big pool at the end. Meh.
The first group seemed to have unsettled it so it looked brown. It was a large pool though, I will admit. They did not want us to jump in since there was all that stress to get the folks before out. So then I went back to the pool-mother and we realised that were were swimming against the current and just where we had to climb up, the water pushed so we were not moving at all. Rope was used to haul our asses up and out. After everyone was safely across, us idle folks decided to play. We climbed up, jumped off, swam and got tugged up. Yeah. It was fun.
I should note that this water was colder than an ice-cube, and coupled with the flu that the sneezing woman gave me, I am home, sick and miserable. Pictures have been re-sized and posted. Click on any shown to be directed to the Photobucket account for the other 5 pics.

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