Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today was so warm, I'm surprised I did not get a heat stroke. I went to school quite early to turn off and pack away a few things that I neglected yesterday and then my dad and I went to get the truck tinted. It was an outdoor place so we sat, waiting for them to finish a car before us, a Peugeot. Then we sat there waiting for them to finish with the truck.
I am not ordinarily a patient person, but I can wait if I really have to. I stand in line at banks and in school without hesitation or complain. I do however, have a major issue with the B.O. coming out of the other people also sitting and waiting in the heat for their car, the one after ours, to get fixed up. I am not exaggerating - it was nose-burning. I was tempted to ask which soap they used. Then another guy and his son came, and brought with them a whole new wave of nausea. I leaned forward to breathe. I took short, sharp breaths. I tried to distract myself with the sticker decals available for cars. I was crushing on the Tasmanian devil. Taz is so hot. Finally, after an hour and a half, we were done and I took a gulp of fresh air when we drove away.
When we got home, the house was like an oven. I turned on all the fans and opened all the windows and it helped, albeit marginally. I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon trying not to turn into melted butter. Gah.

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jennifer said...

When I would substitute teach I dreaded it when the kids came in from PE. That many sweaty bodies in a room was tough to take. I usually put heavily scented lotion on my hands and kept the close to my face til I adjusted to the smell.

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