Sunday, June 14, 2009

Compilations and Musings

I'm actually in the middle of compiling some notes for high school students. When I started doing this, I forgot how painstaking this was back when I was a high school student and I made loads and loads of revision notes that I can't seem to find now. It's not surprising that I probably threw out my old notebooks since I graduated in 2002 and 2004.
I'm tackling one syllabus at a time and it isn't really hard - the content is quite easy actually. I miss the days when it was all so easy *le sigh*. My issue is trying to put it in words so that someone who is studying Chemistry for the first time will understand. I gave away most of my textbooks to my younger cousins, so I'm using two 'reject books', if you will, to string is thing together. I've already completed the first part of a part of section A in one syllabus, and I'm already bored at heck. I'm just choosing two parts of a part of section A from each syllabus to write up so I won't seem like a complete moron in my teaching service interview this week.
Yesterday I listened to Muse's 2006 EP, Black Holes and Revelations. I had heard of the band almost a year now, and I finally got off my ass to give the record a listen. Boy, did I regret now giving it a chance sooner. The album is so fantastic - the songs are well written and it's probably been reviewed a million times since Rolling Stone magazine recommended it a few years back so I won't delve too much into it. It is fine-grade, 100% awesome sauce.
I also got a Kasabian and Bloc Party albums, and I intend on giving those a bit of my time when I'm done concentrating on concentrations, molecular orbitals and the mole concept.

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