Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tinted Windows

I am trying to remember if I used that subject line already. Anyhow, I got the Tinted Windows album last month and I finally got time to give it a listen. My procrastination was due to the fact that I was worried that I wouldn't like it. I don't know why.
The first time I listened to the album, I was putting together my presentation for school (it was great btw) and it was playing in the background. It sounded like a very fast-paced 60's-esque power-pop album. Even the 'ballads' were bubblegum pop.
The second time I listened to the album, I really tried to sort out what the hell I was hearing all the time.
Vocals: I love Taylor's voice, but on two of the tracks, the vocals sound as if they have gone through so much production, that they aren't the same.
Lyrics: The lyrics on all of the songs are very simple and straight-forward. There are not a lot of double and triple meanings to the songs and I thought that was a good thing, considering that the album contains power-pop love songs and it means that they are not trying too hard.
Music: Two instruments stuck out - the electric guitar and the drums and I loved them both. I liked the combination of Taylor's high voice with James' edgy guitars. The guitar riffs were really cool. The drums were also prominent, and I like it, since it is not typical for many pop songs, which tend to focus more on the vocals and guitars. There are hooks throughout the album, which compliment the songs, and I found that I could tolerate them more after a few listens.
Favourites: My two favourite songs are tracks 3 (Dead Serious) and 5 (Back With You).
Rating: All in all, it is a great album for driving and the summertime and the songs suggest an awesome live performance. I would give this album 3/5 stars * * *

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