Monday, March 30, 2009

Music Player

After much fiddling around with the code to get this to embed onto the side frame there and nearly tearing my hair out when I realised that it would end up looking like crap like the podiobook thing (thank you preview), here is my music player. It contains the same songs listed in the music list. I made it for you, Ramona, since I know you might be the only one to actually listen to this thing.


Re said...

lol thanks ....i started listening before i read Wired...Decode and Summer special

Dino said...

Wreckage by Ben Jelen is a great song. Thanks for tuning me in. Here's a link to the video, maybe you've seen it.

Also, how do I follow?

Allie said...

I've seen the video already. I saw it on VH1 twice actually. It was like, OMG Ben Jelen is on TV! I freaked out in the same way when Rilo Kiley's Silver Lining appeared on VH1 many months ago.

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